Asterisk Why we need to stop judging other mums
19/12/2017 Lynne Mclean Brown in Coaching / No comments
why we need to stop judging other mums
"Do not judge a story by the chapter you walk in on"

I think we are all guilty of judging others We compare what they do or say to our own actions and values. As a mum, this can be so divisive because the focus is on where we are different. It focuses on who is passing and failing, who is good and who is bad. These comparisons include who has an easier life and who has it harder. Who deserves sympathy and who does not.

The problem with these judgements is that it is all very cut and dry. it assumes we know exactly what is going on in other peoples lives. Just because something looks effortless to those around us it does not mean that how it feels to us on the inside.

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My video

I created this video of my youtube channel all about this topic. It has been inspired by my recent research with other mums about their experiences of motherhood, their careers and managing their lives. I was struck by how many of us feel like other mothers have an easier life than. What we don't realise is that this is unintentionally judging other mums. We are making assumptions about how other people feel about their lives. We look at people from our own perspective and assume they have life sorted.

Every parent faces challenges even though what we struggle with may differ on our situation. Not one of us gets an easy ride, there are all days when we are up against the wall. I think that is really important that we recognise this. By doing so we can support one and other through this crazy journey called motherhood.

Watch my video Why we need to stop judging other mums on my youtube channel


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