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What is The 14-Day Refresh?

The 14-Day Refresh is an email Programme that explores what self-care means to you.  This course has been designed so you can make time for yourself in a way that suits you. You cannot be behind or late. There are no deadlines or targets. You set the pace for yourself. This is an opportunity for you to make some time for yourself and feel good about it!

What do you get when you sign up?

You will receive a daily email for 14-days, each one is filled with exercises, inspiration, encouragement and activities designed to help you reconnect with what inspires and replenishes you.

The 14-Day refresh will help you create a “self-care armoury” of activities, tools and techniques to help you combat feelings of stress and overwhelm.

This course is yours forever, keep the emails so you can take this course whenever you feel the need to refresh!

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Why I Created This Course

I wanted to create something flexible and accessible for everyone, whether you are super busy or on a tight budget. taking care of yourself is important no matter how your life looks right now.

I used to spend so much of my time taking care of everybody else in my life. The thing is that I believed I didn’t have time to look after myself. It seemed like replenishing my energy levels or treating myself to the things I enjoyed was frivolous and a waste of time. Whenever I took time out, I spent so much of that time feeling guilty about not being productive.

Taking my self-care seriously has made a massive difference in my daily life. It changed how I approach that never-ending to do list and how I feel every day. I wanted to create a self-care course so that you can save yourself from all the exhaustion, guilt and pressure and cut straight to having fun and feeling good!

Is this course for you?

The 14-Day refresh is great is you want to:

Relax into self-care

  • Rediscover what lights you up and revives you.
  • Make time for yourself more often.
  • Have a self-care routine that is about more than spa days and shopping.
  • Ditch the guilt and worrying about needing to be “productive”.
  • Have more energy and enthusiasm every day.



Say Yes To Self-Care

The total investment for the 14- Day refresh is $20. A PayPal invoice will be sent out upon sign up.

The first e-mail will be arriving into inboxes on 15th September 2017. Sign up now and save your space on this great course.

If you have any questions about this course please get in touch or have a look at my FAQ’s

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What People Are Saying About Lynne And The 14-Day Refresh

“You coached my a while back on the situation with my daughter. I just want to say THANK YOU!!! You helped start me on a process which has really transformed my thinking and brought a lot of peace to our relationship and our home. It is with pure joy and love that I am taking […]

Jennifer West – Georgia, U.S.A

“This [14-Day Refresh Ecourse] has come at the best time for me. I don’t think I have ever neglected myself so much as I did before I started the course and am the first at designating time for myself. It’s given me a wakeup call and made me re-evaluate things. The activities have taught me […]

Gemma Stamp, Aberdeenshire, UK

“It’s a great feeling knowing that you are going to get the [The 14-Day Refresh Ecourse] daily email at the same time every day and know that it contains a positive message and something helpful is brilliant. The message of self-love and care runs through the whole course and you come across as really caring […]

Jennifer McLoughlin, Aberdeenshire, UK

“I must say that I’m really impressed by the things you are doing right now! I really like your emails (they are very positive and motivating) and I wish you luck!”

Mila Kozłowska – myomostudio

Overall, I’m enjoying the [14-Day Refresh] course, taking the time to think more about myself with the structure on what to think about/why is useful, especially since I’m run ragged between work /school etc!!

Gill Duff, Aberdeenshire, UK

“I was a little bit skeptical before I got started as I didn’t really know what life coaching about. I was seeing a psychologist at the time of contacting Lynne, however, I didn’t feel that was what I needed. It turns out that Lynne was what I needed. I felt like I could say what […]

Silja, Stavanger, Norway

“When I first spoke with Lynne I was in a dark personal place. I’d taken a few big leaps in life and they hadn’t worked out as intended. I had several conflicts going on internally with possible options pulling me one way and the other and she helped me reset, gave me the space I […]

Anon, UK

“When I met Lynne, I had been dealing with something in my life that had been holding me back from feeling fully free. As she explained how she helps women, I was overwhelmingly drawn to her to have her coach me around this issue. She was masterful at getting to the heart of my issue, […]

Crystal Pirri –