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03/01/2018 Lynne Mclean Brown in Coaching / No comments

One of the fundamental values of my coaching practices is accessibility.  It is important to me that anyone who is interested in my work can try out the tools easily. Not everyone wants or can afford a one to one coach. Sometimes you want to try things out and explore them before you make a purchase. Others may not need a personal coach but want to access some of the tools as part of their personal development. It is important to me to offer to share my work as well as sell it. I really love what I do and want to share it with as many people as possible. That is why I create free offerings when I can. I create recordings, worksheets and videos to share the tools that I think are useful. I have been doing this on my blog and social media.

The reason why

I had all of these offerings scattered around my site and throughout my social media channels but I wanted to make things easier to find.  This is how I came up with the idea to create a resource library.  Every freebie I create will be stored in this library. You can come back whenever you like and download anything that feels really useful. There is no need to trawl through my blog looking for that download you saw and thought you would download when you had time. Everything is stored in the library!

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What is the free resource library?

The resource library is a great way to access all of my freebies and offerings in a handy collection. I have included some snippets from my popular e-course, The 14-day Refresh as well as a link to my recent video challenge on youtube. You will also find any free worksheets or printables from my blog too.

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