Life Coaching FAQ’s

What is a life coach?

A life coach is someone who supports you in getting what is important to you from your life (even when you have no idea what that is!). They work with the beliefs that are holding you back and support you to create positive change.   Life coaching is a collaborative process which includes inquiry, idea sharing and reflection.

A Life coach can work with you in relation to your life, career, family, your health and/or how you care for yourself.

Life coaching is a fast growing profession and we all have different areas of experience and expertise. Each coach has their own style and approach to working with their clients. Many coaches offer a free taster session to allow you to see how you “click” with your coach before you begin working together.

Does being a life coach make you some kind of guru or life expert?

Not at all, Life coaching is not about instructing you how to reach your goals or giving you the secrets to a perfect life.  Life coaches do not have everything figured out or all the answers (if only!)

A life coach has knowledge of techniques that allow people to work out what they really want from their life.  It is impossible for me to know what will make another person happy in life.  The only person who knows what will make you happy is you!

life coaching FAQ's
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Is life coaching the same as therapy/counselling?

No, life coaching and counselling focus on different things in their work.

Counselling focuses on supporting someone through a past trauma.  It does this by making sense of the traumatic event and the feelings/issues surrounding it.  It helps people who are no longer functioning at a level that feels normal for them.  The aim is to help them recover and get back to a level of normal that feels good for them.

Life coaching focuses on supporting someone to explore their present thinking and how this helps and hinders their ability to lead the life they want.  It helps people who are already operating at their normal level and take things to the next level.

If you are currently seeing a counsellor or being treated for a mental health problem, coaching is an additional tool you may want to use to help you keep well. It is not suitable for treating mental health issues or healing past trauma.

Are coaches bound by confidentiality?

The fact that you are seeing a life coach and everything you tell them during sessions should be kept in confidence. There are however exceptions to this confidentiality which you can read about in my Before We Begin section.

Why did you train with Martha Beck?

The Martha Beck approach to coaching is much less goal focused than other approaches.  It believes that individuals themselves know ultimately what they really want or need in their ideal life.  Martha Beck trained coaches’ work with their clients to dissolve the limiting beliefs that they hold. We believe in this way people can move past what holds them back and use their own motivation to make changes.