“You coached my a while back on the situation with my daughter. I just want to say THANK YOU!!! You helped start me on a process which has really transformed my thinking and brought a lot of peace to our relationship and our home. It is with pure joy and love that I am taking […]

Jennifer West – Georgia, U.S.A desirepeace.com

“This [14-Day Refresh Ecourse] has come at the best time for me. I don’t think I have ever neglected myself so much as I did before I started the course and am the first at designating time for myself. It’s given me a wakeup call and made me re-evaluate things. The activities have taught me […]

Gemma Stamp, Aberdeenshire, UK

“It’s a great feeling knowing that you are going to get the [The 14-Day Refresh Ecourse] daily email at the same time every day and know that it contains a positive message and something helpful is brilliant. The message of self-love and care runs through the whole course and you come across as really caring […]

Jennifer McLoughlin, Aberdeenshire, UK

“I must say that I’m really impressed by the things you are doing right now! I really like your emails (they are very positive and motivating) and I wish you luck!”

Mila Kozłowska – www.myomyostudio.com myomostudio

Overall, I’m enjoying the [14-Day Refresh] course, taking the time to think more about myself with the structure on what to think about/why is useful, especially since I’m run ragged between work /school etc!!

Gill Duff, Aberdeenshire, UK

“I was a little bit skeptical before I got started as I didn’t really know what life coaching about. I was seeing a psychologist at the time of contacting Lynne, however, I didn’t feel that was what I needed. It turns out that Lynne was what I needed. I felt like I could say what […]

Silja, Stavanger, Norway

“When I first spoke with Lynne I was in a dark personal place. I’d taken a few big leaps in life and they hadn’t worked out as intended. I had several conflicts going on internally with possible options pulling me one way and the other and she helped me reset, gave me the space I […]

Anon, UK

“When I met Lynne, I had been dealing with something in my life that had been holding me back from feeling fully free. As she explained how she helps women, I was overwhelmingly drawn to her to have her coach me around this issue. She was masterful at getting to the heart of my issue, […]

Crystal Pirri – https://crystalpirri.com