Asterisk Do you feel the pressure?
03/04/2017 Lynne Mclean Brown in Empowerment / one comment

The pressure is immense and it is everywhere. To be the person who gets everything done and holds everything together. It exists between two people desperately trying to convince the other they have a hold on things. It’s on Pinterest with its pin upon pin of perfectly styled homes and the craft projects you’ll never get around to. It’s in magazines with a super airbrushed flat stomach and glamorous hair and make-up. It is in the filtered Instagram posts of the pretty bullet journals with calligraphy handwriting and the stylised gym selfies.

You see others who look like they have all their ducks in a row in every corner of your world, whether it be social media, magazines or in your own neighbourhood. They are the qualities you wish you had and a measuring stick for your own worthiness. If only I could do that, be that, say that, wear that...


The pressure is crushing, the strive for the impossible, for an image and an ideal that probably doesn’t even exist in real life.  Your rational mind knows the truth about the things you see but you berate and push yourself to do more and be more nevertheless. To present a perfect image, to make things look good for anyone watching.

I say screw it! Ditch the pressure and show up in your life in an unedited glory.

There is a beauty in who you truly are whether you see yourself as measuring up or not.  Don’t be afraid to show the world who you are and how your life really feels. There is a freedom in being fearlessly and unapologetically you, warts and all. The world needs a bit of imperfection, we all crave a dose of beautiful reality.

The truth is you are beautiful and amazing and strong and smart.  Your mistakes only make you human and your flaws are no different to anyone else’s.  Your truth attracts people to you. People love who you are beneath the layers you put on for the outside world.

Don’t be afraid to mess up, to admit you haven’t got it all figured out. That there are days you can even begin to deal with all the responsibility of adult life.  Don’t hide your un-stylised home or your unfiltered selfie. The woman down the road will thank you.  You may even inspire her to show up imperfectly too because being who you are authenticity is attractive and infectious.

You are perfectly imperfect, you are awesome.

Your greatness exists within you at the centre of the storm around you. It has always been there, within you.

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One comment on “Do you feel the pressure?

  1. Yes, I do feel the pressure! I loved this article. It was speaking out of my heart, things I probably knew, felt but never would have said loudly. Always the question in my head: “How do other people do this? Having this beautiful styled houses, lovely gardens…? Hairs, make-ups, time to all the creative things, and even more time to post them…?” But it is not important what and how other people do things – this does not count or function for me, and I am not less worth then they are. Easily said, but so difficult to live. Thank you very much Lynne for writing these encouraging lines down! I still hope, that I manage to live less perfect, more messy and do what ever I want to do, when, and how…at some point.

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