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17/04/2017 Lynne Mclean Brown in Creativity / No comments
Everyone is made of greatness

We all have something great and amazing inside of us. There is no doubt that our greatness is as varied and unique as humankind itself but it is there, inside you and me. Your greatness may be a thing you can create and physically put out into the world, to be seen and touched by others.  It is also possible that your “thing” is a feeling or quality and if you can share it then you can create an invisible magic. This magic may be unseen by the eye but it is no less present or revolutionary in the world.

Share your magic

The ability to share your greatness is amazing. The bravery and boldness involved in showing the world what is uniquely yours, as your gift is awe-inspiring.  Being who you are unapologetically and fearlessly I believe, is also the greatest gift you can give yourself. To live an open and authentic life feels like freedom and in addition, there is a magnetism that comes from owning the truth of who you are.

Show up

 Your greatness doesn’t need to be polished and perfected before you put it out into the world. If you ask me, your gift probably has the most impact when it is shared in all its raw and unedited glory. There are both beauty and attraction in your ability to be open and honest. Show up as you are, warts and all.  Your imperfections and greatness can co-exist quite happily in the world if you allow them.

Change the world

You have it within you to change the world you live in on a large scale. You can create change in the minds of millions or create change in the mind of one in a million ways. There are so many different ways to create change and you only need to pick the one that allows you to share your greatness.

Explore your “thing”, your greatness, your magic.  Revel in your gift and luxuriously roll around in it like Sunday morning in a bed made up with expensive linen sheets. Discover what makes you special and unique and never stop getting to know that part of yourself.

the greatness

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