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Asterisk Challenge Yourself and Explore Who You Are
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I have created a new offering and I am super excited about how it is going so far. If you haven’t already heard, The self-reflection challenge is made up of 30 light and encouraging videos. Best of all this challenge is free and self-paced and has no end date! This challenge will be ready whenever you want to catch up on videos, start it all over again or share it with someone.

Each video discusses a different prompt or question that is designed to help you think about:

How you see yourself

What self-care means to you

Self-love and compassion

What really matters to you, dreams goals and other magical stuff!

The challenge covers a wide range of topics to help you reflect in a fun, useful and maybe even a little challenging way.

Self Reflection Challenge


Sharing what you are learning from each video is a great way of getting the most out of this challenge. Let others encourage you and also let others know what you think about their comments.

I will be answering each question along with you so you can get to know me a little too. I have to admit that I am feeling the fear and doing it anyway with this challenge but I  believe who we are, deserves to be seen, showed off and celebrated. Our dreams and ideas are important!


If you want to explore life coaching, self-care, being who you are unapologetically and self-love then you can sign up for my newsletter to receive updates, inspiration and the occasional freebie!
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Asterisk Will You Give Your Self-Care A Refresh?
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Self care ecourse

Self care ecourse

What is The 14-Day Refresh?

The 14-Day Refresh is an email Programme that explores what self-care means to you.  This course has been designed so you can make time for yourself in a way that suits you. You cannot be behind or late. There are no deadlines or targets. You set the pace for yourself. This is an opportunity for you to make some time for yourself and feel good about it!

What do you get when you sign up?

You will receive a daily email for 14-days, each one is filled with exercises, inspiration, encouragement and activities designed to help you reconnect with what inspires and replenishes you.  The 14-Day refresh will help you create a “self-care armoury” of activities, tools and techniques to help you combat feelings of stress and overwhelm.

The 14-Day refresh will help you create a “self-care armoury” of activities, tools and techniques to help you combat feelings of stress and overwhelm.

This course is yours forever, keep the emails so you can take this course whenever you feel the need to refresh!

make time for self care

Why I Created This Course

I wanted to create something flexible and accessible for everyone, whether you are super busy or on a tight budget. taking care of yourself is important no matter how your life looks right now.

I used to spend so much of my time taking care of everybody else in my life. The thing is that I believed I didn’t have time to look after myself. It seemed like replenishing my energy levels or treating myself to the things I enjoyed was frivolous and a waste of time. Whenever I took time out, I spent so much of that time feeling guilty about not being productive.

Taking my self-care seriously has made a massive difference in my daily life. It changed how I approach that never-ending to do list and how I feel every day. I wanted to create a self-care course so that you can save yourself from all the exhaustion, guilt and pressure and cut straight to having fun and feeling good!

Is this course for you?

The 14-Day refresh is great is you want to:

Relax into self-care

  • Rediscover what lights you up and revives you.
  • Make time for yourself more often.
  • Have a self-care routine that is about more than spa days and shopping.
  • Ditch the guilt and worrying about needing to be “productive”.
  • Have more energy and enthusiasm every day.



Say Yes To Self-Care

The total investment for the 14- Day refresh is $20. A PayPal invoice will be sent out upon sign up.

The first e-mail will be arriving into inboxes on 15th September 2017. Sign up now and save your space on this great course.

If you have any questions about this course please get in touch or have a look at my FAQ’s

Sign up

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Asterisk Why Play Is Important For Adults Too
21/08/2017 Lynne Mclean Brown in Freedom / No comments

Why Play Is Important For Adults Too


Why Play Is Important For Adults Too


Like many families, there are times when my family life involves a lot of working, juggling and scheduling. I started my own business in January which has understandably brought a lot to my plate. Meanwhile, my husband has been working really long hours at the office after a period of layoffs and restructuring.

Recently, a long public holiday weekend appeared on the horizon of my husband’s schedule. He had booked time off earlier in the year to care for our two children who would not have childcare or school. I had already decided to work through the public holiday in favour of getting stuff done!

When my husband announced he was planning a weekend’s camping at the beach, I decided I was not willing to miss out on family time at the beach. With some juggling and hustling, I managed to join them and make the most of the long weekend.

Take me to the beach

I love the beach, it is one of my most favourite places. Hearing the waves and feeling the sand on my bare feet never fails to relax me.  This is one of the reasons that I jumped at the chance at a camping trip.  I was so busy and tired of “adulting” I wanted to take a break with my three favourite people in my favourite place.

On our trip, we spent a lot of time on the beach with the children. We played in the sand and had fun directing a stream that came down across the beach and into the sea. Then we created little waterways and watched the water flow through them. Our waterway system became quite complex as we built dams and broke them and re-patched them.

At one point my husband and I realised we had not only spent most of the day doing this but also the children had ditched us in favour of digging a large hole nearby.  We laughed as we realised that we were playing on our own and we were enjoying every moment of it.

play is important for adults
Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

We played

What we experienced was something in addition to precious family time. We were being silly and imaginative and there was no more clock watching. We used our hands to create something purely for fun. It was play.

As adults, we don’t really value our own playtime. It tends to be something we do with the children for their benefit. Play in adults is often considered immature or unproductive. We discourage this type of behaviour in favour of more serious and responsible activities. For us, playing with the sand on that warm day was most definitely to our benefit.

As we played, I felt a stiffness in my shoulders as I began to relax the tightened muscles there. I felt lighter and more at ease. I stopped planning ahead and juggling. We didn’t think about work or schedules or the to do list. Instead, we made dams and then opened them up and watched the water flow freely again. We experienced a lightness that was not available in our current hectic schedules. Everything felt energised and happy after our messy day on the sand.

Making room for play

Play should not be reserved for children. The opportunity to step away from the responsibilities that exist at the moment give us energy, clarity and creativity.  Fun for funs sake should not be a privilege only for the young.

Studies show that play is benefitial for children. We encourage the children in our lives to play because we want them to be happy, relaxed and creative people.  We support them to use their imagination and feel free through play.

Why are we denying this opportunity to ourselves once we “grow up”? Imagine a world where we could embrace play as an important part of adult life. Where messing around in the sand dunes as adults was encouraged or even recommended.

Find opportunities to be playful. Give yourself permission to play like a child. Be messy and creative and enjoy activities purely for fun rather than any outcome or goal. Notice how the children in your life and allow themselves to be silly, be playful and imaginative for no other reason than it is fun. Play is a pathway to feeling free and happy. No one should be denied that, regardless of their age.

Can you describe your life as fun? Working with a life coach like me can help you work out what is important so you can create a life filled with more fun. Find out more about what a life coach and other FAQs.

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Asterisk 21 Ways to Practice Self Love
26/06/2017 Lynne Mclean Brown in Fun / 2 responses

21 ways to practice self love

21 ways to practice self love21 ways to practice self love

Do you love yourself? Do you love every part of you, both the good and the bad? When you look into the mirror, how do you feel about who you see? Many of us feel an indifference or mild feelings of either like or dislike. Some of us have a hard time finding anything about themselves that they like.

The idea of self-love can feel uncomfortable. For some, the concept of self-love can feel akin to being selfish, conceited or self-absorbed.  The media bombards us with images on how to change or improve who we are and how to hide our flaws. This makes it very difficult to accept or adore what we see in the mirror.

To get a little perspective, think of a person that you love or care deeply for. How do you feel about them? what feelings do you have when you think of this person?  Do you feel the same way towards yourself?

If the answer is no then you could probably benefit from practising a little self-love. Below are some ways to begin exercising that self-love muscle. They allow you to explore how you feel about yourself and the truth that you are enough as you are.

21 Ways to Practice Self-Love

  1. Pause – Allow yourself a few quiet minutes to simply be. You don’t need to do anything or be anywhere. Just sit in the moment and do nothing.
  2. Stop Apologising Unnecessarily – Apologising for everything can become a bit of a bad habit. I am not talking about when you have done something wrong. I am talking about things like apologising for how you feel, saying no or changing your mind. You are allowed to do this!
  3. Give Yourself A Pat On The Back – Recognise your achievements. Encourage yourself when you’re doing something new and scary. Try to create a kind inner voice rather than a critical one.
  4. Look In The Mirror And Tell Yourself “I love you” – I am not going to lie this one felt super cheesy and uncomfortable when I tried it first. I also have to say that with a bit of persistence, it started to make me smile.
  5. List Things That You Like About Yourself – Do you love your curly hair or how you always hold the door open for people? There must be something you like about yourself. If you find this tricky make this a week long task and add to the list as you find more things.
  6. Self-Care – If you have read my blog before then this will not be new or surprising. Making time to do the things that excite and inspire you is as important part of being happy.
  7. Sleep Well – Being tired makes things harder. Give yourself an early night or take a nap when you need to.
  8. Eat Well – This is about looking after your body. I love the occasional binge on ice cream and cookies too but when you feed your body nutritious and nourishing food you feel as well as look good.
  9. Be Honest – The next time you are tempted to pretend everything is fine when it isn’t, say so. You are entitled to feel how you do and to receive support from others when you need it.
  10. Stop People Pleasing – You will never please everyone and trying to is exhausting! Do yourself a favour and focus on pleasing yourself.
  11. Start a Gratitude Journal – When I first heard of this I thought it sounded a bit woo woo but taking the time to think about the positives and what you’re grateful for can be really beneficial. It is a way to focus on what is already good in your life and feeling and thankful for that.
  12. Keep A Note Of Your Success’s – Make a success list and write down all your accomplishments, from managed to resist a second slice of cheesecake to rocking that presentation at work! Look back on your list when you doubt yourself and remember all you have achieved.
  13. Remember The Compliments – What do people compliment you on? If you can’t think of any, start another list of the compliments you get from now on.
  14. ACCEPT  Compliments – When someone compliments you, don’t dismiss it. Accept what you are being told as the truth. You don’t need to be humble or self-deprecating, simply say thank you.
  15. Move Your Body In A Way You Enjoy – Dance, walk, run do yoga, swim or go to the gym. Taking care of your body is a way of showing yourself, love
  16. Give Mindfulness A Try –  Mindfulness is about being fully present in where you are and with what you are doing.  I am really guilty of thinking about my to-do do list while during other things so have been using mindfulness techniques to practise focusing on the here and now. You can learn more about mindfulness here.
  17. Write Yourself A Love Letter or Pep Talk – Write yourself a letter, tell yourself all the things you wish to hear. Be kind and encouraging. Read your letter back whenever you doubt your worth.
  18. Give Up Trying To Be Someone Else – As Oscar Wilde put it, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken
  19. Stop Comparing – Chances are there is someone who wishes they were more like you. “Can you imagine not craving to be different than you are right now?”
  20. Say No When You Need To – You do not have to say yes to everything and everyone. It leaves you empty and exhausted (see people pleasing)!
  21. Practice. Think of self-love as a new skill, be prepared to mess up and keep trying. You are worth the effort!


 If Self-Love sounds difficult…

If this list feels overwhelming pick the easiest and most achievable one on this list and begin there. There is no rush and you can try as many or as little of these ideas as feels right for you. If you find it hard to even like yourself then take it slowly. Think of self-love and acceptance as training for a marathon rather than a sprint. Practice going a little further each time rather than sprinting to the finish straight away.

We are all worthy of love, every single one of us. You are not broken or inadequate. You are perfect just as you are. Think of how you feel about that person you love once more. Can you imagine how you would treat yourself and what you could achieve if you felt that level of love for yourself?

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Asterisk Love Your Life – Free Balance Worksheet
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Love your Life Balance WorksheetLove your Life Balance Worksheet

Love your Life Balance Worksheet

I want to share my work with as many people as possible and one of the ways to do that is to create free items. This way I can show you all why I am so passionate about what I do.

How do you feel about your life at the moment? Do you feel satisfied, motivated and happy?

Do you feel satisfied, motivated and happy or unsatisfied and drained?

How much time do you spend doing the things that matter most to you?

What uses up all your energy?

free balance worksheet

You can explore all of these questions with my free worksheet. The worksheet is designed to start a conversation with yourself about how you spend your time and where you can create balance. Click on the link below so you can access my balance worksheet which is part of my  FREE resource library.

Spread the love!

Feel free to share this page on social media with anyone you think may enjoy it.

If you enjoy this free worksheet then check out my latest coaching package, A Spa Day for the Soul.  Press pause on your busy life. Revive, re-energise and rediscover how to make room for more fun and freedom in your life.

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Asterisk Mummy is not an Octopus – One Parent’s Account of Getting Stuff Done
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getting stuff sone


getting stuff done

“Mummy is not an octopus” is something I say to my kids pretty regularly. It usually is said in moments where everyone seems to be wanting something at the same time.  For example, when we are all trying to leave the house and I am asking for the third time if they have found their shoes and my husband wants to know if I have seen something he is looking for.  Meanwhile my son really really needs to know what my favourite Pokemon is at that exact moment.

On those days, I manage to get everyone dressed and organised with whatever they need only to look down and realise I am the only one standing with no shoes, bag, jacket or keys! This realisation is usually followed by someone asking why Mum takes so long to get ready!

The thing is I am indeed an octopus. At the moment I am launching my business’s first big project. I am beginning the marketing campaign while simultaneously caring for my son who has been home ill. This morning, I spent a little time hanging out with him and then updated his Xbox game for him so he can cheer himself up with a little Minecraft.

I have just come downstairs and began to put together ideas for a blog post and then my phone rings. My daughter went back to nursery today after being ill earlier in the week.  It seems she is feeling ill again so off I go to collect her.  We get back, dispense a round of medicine and tissues then back downstairs to attempt more of my article. I suspect that the children have shared those germs a little too freely as I begin to feel myself getting achy and feverish.

I admit defeat and go join the kids for cuddles and DVDs. An octopus I may be but even I have limits.

As much as I tell the kids that Mummy is not an octopus, I actually am!  I am a multitasking expert.  I think all parents develop super-human multi-tasking abilities over our years as child-rearers. We are superheroes, we juggle and we hustle, parents are amazing.  We keep little people alive, we nurture them and encourage them to flourish. After thaat is done we attempt to do the all the things we would be doing if we had never created the little munchkins in the first place!

There are 100 things on my to-do list but none of them need to be done immediately.  My son may tell me that the Xbox update is a life or death matter but that is another story.  Everything on my to-do list can wait a little while.  Unlike me, you may have life or death responsibilities. You may care for who needs daily medical care, for example.   These things are indeed exceptions, but once those things are done, everything else can wait a little while if you need it to.

One parent's account of getting stuff done
Photo via

I used to think I would feel better once I got the to-do list done, once I made it shorter but that didn’t work.  Instead, I found myself caught up in the neverending task of getting stuff done and finding myself exhausted in the process.  My list is going to be 100 things long for the foreseeable future.  The to-do list isn’t going to change but I have made changes so I can live in peace alongside my obligations.

Not everything on that to-do list needs to be done immediately

When you look at the things you need to do today, what can wait?  When I feel particularly overwhelmed, I like to find the things that aren’t urgent and put them in my calendar/diary for a future date. It helps me to put some tasks on the back burner for a while rather than having a huge list of everything I need to do for the foreseeable future in front of me.  

Recognise the magnitude of what you are doing every day. You’re awesome!

I try to encourage myself as I can because what I do is hard work. Reminding myself that I am doing an awesome job makes things feel brighter and easier. When you discover, you forgot “bring a random obscure object to school” day or you’re late for that meeting you haven’t prepared for but you still managed to get through the day and everyone survives. Give yourself the recognition you deserve! 

Feeling supported makes things feel so much easier

I  try not to do everything on my own anymore.  My husband and I have always shared most of the workload, that has always been the deal between us.  I have gotten better at letting him know when I feel snowed under.  This is so much better than struggling along on my own hoping somebody would offer to help. I didn’t want to trouble anyone because we are all busy, right? Asking for help takes practice, it can be a surprisingly difficult thing to do but feeling supported makes things so much easier.  You may also find yourself surprised at how many people are able and willing to help when you ask them.

Don’t forget to have fun! 

I used to think that once my to-do list was shorter, I could make more time for fun.  Unsurprisingly, I never found the time to relax because never got enough things done to shorten that darn to-do list. Ironically, taking time out to do things that excite me helps me relax and re-energise.  Once I have had time to just be myself that massive to-do list doesn’t seem so monstrous or overwhelming.

I refuse to end up feeling rotten and wishing my life away, and waiting for the next big task to be over.  I have had to learn to make peace with juggling and being busy.  Life is just too short to be focusing on all the things that need doing.

Life is about fun and freedom and pleasure and passions and whatever makes your heart sing.

There are times that I forget to remind myself what a great job I am doing. I still need to consciously remind myself that I have the option to ask for help but on the whole, life’s journey is an easier one.  Life flows more often than it knocks me off my feet, and that feels wonderful.  So as a Mummy I am indeed an octopus, a multi-tasking rockstar. If you identified with any of this then I bet you are one too.

Do you want to make more time for the things that make your heart sing? Take a look at my latest coaching package and make yourself a priority.


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Asterisk What I Learned By Rediscovering A Lost Love
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lost love

lost love

Everyone has a passion, a love, things that excite us. There are things in life that bring us so much joy that we lose track of time. The expression “time flies when you’re having fun” very much applies to the kind of activities I am talking about.

I have recently rediscovered a lost love of mine. I lost touch with my love of reading and writing in my twenties. Accidentally, I had been depriving myself of something I loved but I had also sub consciously been keeping my passion writing around without even realising it.

Once Upon A Time…

When I attended university, I read and I wrote every day, I studied sociology and gender studies so I often spent my days soaking up sociological ideas and feminist theory. By the end of the day, my boyfriend would pick me and I would bombard him with my enthusiastic ramblings, the whole journey home, I felt passionate, inspired and excited.

When I left university, I signed up to receive a few sociological journals, considered writing for a feminist website. I wanted to keep this stuff in my life. without noticing it, other priorities got in the way; I was working full time and focusing on a new career, writing fell off my radar.

So It Continued

Once my son was born, being busy took on a whole new meaning. I had a crime novel that sat on my bedside table for a year, only half read. I just stopped reading anything that wasn’t consumable in 5 minutes. When I did attempt a novel, it took me ages to get through it. I decided to quit trying to read for pleasure. I was so busy being a grown-up, I believed that I didn’t have the time to read for pleasure.

Ironically, I continued to struggle to walk past a bookshop without going inside. I always felt excitement at looking over the shelves of books. I also hoarded stationary, mounds of paper, pens, pencils, highlighters, and post-its. My passion never left me entirely, it simply lay dormant waiting for me to remember how much I enjoyed it and make some time.

rediscover a lost love
photo credit:

I kept the books from my time at university like a badge of honour. They sat on the shelves, full of bookmarks and folded corners. I told my children were leftovers from a time when mummy was clever. This isn’t really accurate on reflection, I was neglecting my creativity and my time at university was a time in my life where I felt enthused and creative and inspired, intelligence doesn’t really come into it.

Fall in love all over again

My husband and I took a trip to New York in the autumn. While we were there, a friend recommended we visit Strand bookstore. Visiting that bookshop was magical, they had thousands of books. I stumbled upon the gender studies section and felt the spark of inspiration. There were many that I had read at university and even more, I had never heard of. I looked from the sociology section to personal development then hovered a while looking through the fiction, with the feeling of excitement growing all the time.

The entire shop would have come home with me if it had been possible. I don’t know why that particular shop and that particular visit reminded me of the passion that had been forgotten; maybe it was seeing all the books from my university days.

Remember What Inspires You.

Once I got home from my trip, I started reading again, joined a book club, downloaded novels to my tablet. My university books have been moved into my office. I have also set up a blog so that I have somewhere I can write about what inspires me and share ideas. Those reams of paper and stationery have started being put to good use. I am a reader and a writer once more and I’m talking excitedly about what I am learning again, the boyfriend who used to pick me up from University…he is still listening to my enthusiastic rambling as he is now my husband.

Maybe, you have art supplies sitting in a cupboard somewhere, were you a martial arts fanatic as a child but stopped going to training? If you have a long-lost love, then my guess is that it is still hanging around in the background of your life. If you have a passion, nurture and protect it. Do not become so busy that you forget something that fascinates you and makes you feel alive.

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Asterisk Simple Self Care Ideas You Can Do Today
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Simple Self Care Ideas

simple self care ideas

simple self care ideas

simple self care ideas

How do you take care of yourself? What little things bring you joy and makes time fly?  It can be difficult to think of ways to look after yourself when you are really out of the habit of doing it.

Modern life can be tiring, overwhelming and stressful.  

When we are rushing around getting things done it is easy to forget what we need ourselves to feel energised and happy.

Balancing work, families and other commitments and generally putting others first can leave us feeling empty, flat and drained.

I put together 15 self-care ideas that I love, I hope that it gets you thinking about how you can take care of yourself.

Can you make your own list of self-care ideas? When was the last time you did any of the things on your list?

If you found this difficult then, you may need to think about prioritising self-care.

My latest coaching program A Spa Day for the Soul has been designed for busy women like you who find themselves endlessly tired and overwhelmed.  It is designed to help you press pause, explore how you can restore your energy and enrich your daily life.

15 self-care ideas


You deserve a life that is full of freedom and fun. You deserve to feel replenished and revived.    

Taking care of yourself gives you the energy to get things done and it also feels pretty good too.

Do something kind for yourself today and notice how it feels, it’ll be worth it, I promise!
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